What Kind of Damage Can Occur if Your Ducts Are Not Repaired Properly?

Routine wear and tear on ducts can often lead to leaking connections, holes, dented sections, and other issues. If your basement has moisture problems, it can even cause mold growth. When ducts don't function correctly, mold can spread throughout the house, resulting in unpleasant odors and damaging the air conditioning system. The mold that circulates through the air conditioning system can even grow under wallpaper and damage walls and other parts of the house structure.

If the air conditioning system emits strange, loud, or unusual noises, it could be a sign that the air ducts are damaged. Damage to the air ducts causes the central unit to work harder than usual to do its job. If the system is running at full speed 24 hours a day, it will wear out faster than normal. Air stagnation conditions inside the home can cause discomfort and health complications due to poor air circulation. Damaged ducts are ineffective in eliminating used air and directing it to the air conditioning unit for cleaning.

This can lead to possible air stagnation inside your home. Damaged ducts also allow pollen to infiltrate the house, leading to health complications such as allergies and asthma. If your house smells of mildew or mustiness every time you turn on the air conditioner or heating, this may indicate that there is a leak in the air ducts or that the ducts are poorly insulated. The professionals at David Gray Heating & Air specialize in a variety of air conditioner repair, installation, and maintenance needs, including duct repair. If your ducts get damaged or punctured, you should replace them to avoid more significant repair costs in the future.

If you find that your air duct needs cleaning more than every six months, you should check if the air duct is broken. When the duct system has unequal temperatures between the outside and the inside, varying temperatures cause water vapor from the circulating air to condense and deposit inside the ducts. Here's a look at some of the signs of duct problems and why air duct repair is so important in Kalamazoo, MI. If you're looking for a reliable air duct repair company in San Jose, Ventwerx is an HVAC company that provides a comprehensive service for any HVAC need your home may have. If you need to schedule an appointment to repair damaged air ducts in your Kalamazoo, MI home, pick up the phone and call All Brands Heating & Cooling. If you hear rattles, whistles, or other noises coming from your ducts, it could mean that they are damaged.

Damaged ducts are not beneficial to anyone and need to be repaired or replaced to prevent problems such as air loss, uneven heating and cooling, and dust buildup in the system. Most importantly, you should schedule a regular visit to Hoff Heating & AC which specializes in air conditioning repair and maintenance services in O'Fallon, MO and its surrounding areas.

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